This toothsome delight does more than keeping the doctor away.
Apple high in Pectin and loaded with Vitamin C; can help with digestion.

Swallow that!


A fusion of the goodness of tender coconut water and iconic apple juice with a dash of sugar and pinch of salt to deliver the best taste. Rest assured - there are no preservatives or artificial colours added.

The best way to enjoy Raskik is to shake & drink. Coco-Apple contains fruit fibers and natural colour which may settle at the bottom of the bottle.

This creative mix will definitely leave you wanting more!


Now available in a convenient 250ml PET pack.

raskik's surprising goodness

Added benefits


Stay cool

Coconut water is an excellent rehydration agent. A great source of electrolytes that helps your body recover from exercise fatigue and exhaustion.


Stay healthy

Coconut water can help improve digestion and metabolism, while boosting your immunity.


Stay active

Coconut water can help reduce muscle tension, hangover effects and gets you ready to go.

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